How Much Does an Ultrasound Tech Make?

Ultrasound techs are vital members of the healthcare team, using specialized equipment to create images of internal organs and tissues. Their work plays a crucial role in diagnosing medical conditions, monitoring pregnancies, and guiding minimally invasive procedures. But if you’re considering a career in ultrasound technology, you might be wondering: how much does an ultrasound tech make?

Salary Ranges

2024 The salary of an ultrasound tech can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Experience: Techs with more experience typically earn higher salaries than those with less experience.
  • Education: Some employers may pay more for techs with a bachelor’s degree in sonography, although an associate’s degree is the most common qualification.
  • Location: Salaries tend to be higher in urban areas and states with a higher cost of living.
  • Specialty: Certain specialties, such as echocardiography or vascular sonography, may command higher salaries.

That being said, here’s a general overview of ultrasound tech salaries in the United States:

  • Median annual salary: $76,640 (as of May 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • 10th percentile: $61,430
  • 25th percentile: $68,580
  • 75th percentile: $97,350
  • 90th percentile: $107,730

Additional Compensation

In addition to their base salary, ultrasound techs may also receive benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. Some employers may also offer bonuses or incentives for meeting performance goals.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for ultrasound techs is excellent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 14.3% increase in employment from 2022 to 2032, much faster than the average for all occupations. This growth is due to a number of factors, including the aging population, the increasing use of ultrasound technology in various medical specialties, and the growing demand for minimally invasive procedures.

Factors Affecting Salary

Here are some of the specific factors that can affect an ultrasound tech’s salary:

  • Certification: Some employers may pay more for techs who are certified in a specific area of sonography.
  • Shift work: Techs who work nights, weekends, or holidays may receive differential pay.
  • Call pay: Techs who are on call may receive pay for being available to come into work if needed.
  • Employer type: Hospitals and clinics typically pay more than outpatient imaging centers.

How to Increase Your Earnings

If you’re interested in maximizing your earning potential as an ultrasound tech, here are a few tips:

  • Gain experience: The more experience you have, the more likely you are to command a higher salary.
  • Get certified: Consider getting certified in a specific area of sonography, such as echocardiography or vascular sonography.
  • 2024 Negotiate your salary: Don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary when you’re offered a job.
  • Continue your education: Earning a bachelor’s degree in sonography or a related field can help you advance your career and increase your earning potential.


A career in ultrasound technology can be both rewarding and financially lucrative. With a strong work ethic, the right skills, and a bit of experience, you can enjoy a successful career in this growing field.

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