The Art Of Custom Poker Chip Design: Tips For Creating Eye-Catching Graphics

Poker has evolved from being a game of luck and strategy into a cultural sensation. The imagery of poker is immediately recognizable to most Americans – the felt poker table, and the card decks. But arguably the most iconic component of poker is the poker chip. Not just the image, but the tactile sense of grasping a stack of chips in the hand and the “click clack” sound of poker chips being stacked or intentionally splashed into the pot. 

Nowadays, businesses, clubs, and individuals can quickly and easily order customized poker chip sets from a range of vendors. There are a multitude of uses for customized poker chips that go beyond poker games. They can be used as marketing aids for companies, events, and even individuals. Custom poker chip designs can be highly personalized, with options including material, color scheme, imagery, and stripe pattern. In this article we will review the customization options for poker chips, with an eye to achieving the most striking impressions. 

First Decision: Poker Chip Material and Shape

Poker chips set are produced in a range of shapes, sizes, and designs, but the most common form is a round chip with a diameter of 3 9/16” (39mm) and a thickness of just over 1/8” (3.5mm). Modern poker chips are manufactured by various materials, each material having specific advantages and disadvantages. Plastic chips are lightweight and inexpensive, highly suitable for casual games, while composite options blend materials for durability at a more reasonable price point. Composite clay chips are convenient and durable, and are a good compromise between elegance and cost. For a more authentic casino experience, ceramic chips are the way to go. Metal chips, arguably the most high-end, are reserved for high-stakes or otherwise exclusive games. 

Fun fact about poker chips: The phrase “when the chips are down” is used today to describe an unfortunate situation or circumstances. But its original meaning referred to the period of time when all bets have been placed in a casino game, and the outcome is now up to fate.

If your budget for custom chips is especially generous, you can consider custom molded chips. This allows for distinctive shapes, textures, and features that will not be found elsewhere. This option maximizes flexibility and uniqueness of the final product, but is generally only a practical option for large scale production runs.

Next Up: The Visible Appearance

Imagery and color schemes are the two most important visual choices when it comes to impactful results. Custom poker chip manufacturers can provide custom printing of any design, image, or log on one or both sides of the chip. Poker chips will have a color scheme that is either two or three colors, and the colors will often be chosen to match a specific corporate image system, school colors, or an event’s color palette. Make sure the image to be printed does not conflict with the chip’s color scheme. When printing text, the usual design decisions of font, size, and color that are made in all graphic design must be given consideration with respect to the overall outlook.

Another customization choice is the arrangement of the secondary (and tertiary) colors on the chip perimeter. Color striping on the edge can be in 2, 4, and 8 stripe segments, or the outer periphery can be one solid color. You will want to ensure that the edge striping matches the image or logo printed on the chip – a complex image will go better with few or no stripes, and vice versa. 

Overall, the physical and design options for a set of custom poker chips offer endless avenues for a classic personalized memento that has long lasting impact. Choose your chips wisely!

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